Giant Prehistoric 'Terror Bird' was actually Vegetarian, not a Ruthless Predator

Giant-Prehistoric-Terror-BirdA giant prehistoric terror bird was wrongly believed to be a ruthless predator. It was once thought to be snapping the necks of mammals with its big enormous beak. Now, a new study has come with findings that called it a vegetarian.

The creature was flightless and lived in Europe between 40 and 55 million years ago. It was of two meters. Goldschmidt conference in Florence was told that it was believed to be a top carnivore because of its size and ominous appearance.

However, the belief has been dispelled by a team of German researchers. They studied fossilized remains of the beasts. The remains were found in a former open coastal coal mine. The findings suggested the researchers that the creature was not actually a meat eater.

Dr. Thomas Tütken, of the University of Bonn, said, "The terror bird was thought to have used its huge beak to grab and break the neck of its prey, which is supported by biomechanical modelling of its bite force".

He added that the creature survived after the extinction of dinosaurs. That time mammals were at an early stage of evolution and relatively small. The work was presented at an annual international meeting of geochemists.