The Star Readers Vote against Rail Line via Sheffield

HS2A high-speed rail line, worth £43 billion, through Sheffield has seen more than eight to one votes for its abandonment by the readers of The Star.

As per the findings, an online poll had been conducted by The Star amid fears that the link cost could coil up £80 billion. The vote saw a significant 81% people saying that the line was demanded to be scrapped.

Only 19% of the voters said that they wanted the line to continue.

The government said that the latest figures involved a contingency sum for covering for potential increases in cost. According to it, the bill was not to be increased further and it could be up to £28bn.

It has been found that the political establishment of Sheffield is in favour of the rail line. All MPs as well as Sheffield Council have shown their full support to the line.

"The cost of HS2 is £42.6bn, £14.4bn of which is contingency. We have not asked for a blank cheque and we do not want one, we intend to keep costs under control", stated HS2 Limited's spokesperson. HS2 Ltd is the government company, which had been set up to develop the high-speed network from London to Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds by way of Sheffield.