Music – A Remedy for Heart Disease

Music – A Remedy for Heart DiseasePresented at the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Amsterdam, a new study has asserted that music can play a vital role in treating heart patients.

One could have never imagined that listening to his favourite music could one day turn out to be beneficial for his health.

It has been found that music has the potential to strengthen a person's heart. All a person is needed to do is listening to favourite song.

The study recruited a total of 74 patients of cardiac disease, who were segregated into three different groups. While some of the partakers were registered in exercise classes for a period of three weeks, the others, while enrolled in the same classes, were told to listen to their favourite music.

They had to do so at any point each day for 30 minutes. A third group was told to only listen to music sans taking cardio-vascular exercise.

It was noted that the patients in the second group were able to boost their crucial measures of heart function by a notable 39%. Those in the first and third group could realize the same by 29% and 19%, respectively.

"When we listen to music we like then endorphins are released from the brain and this improves our vascular health. There is no 'best music' for everyone", said the Institute of Cardiology's Prof Delijanin Ilic.