Online pets purchased online are unhealthy

Online pets purchased online are unhealthyReports have stated that out of five puppies who are purchased online, one dies before it reaches the six months.

The Kennel Club has stated that 50 per cent of the dogs display behavioural problems. There are serious health issues in more than one in 10 puppies.

There are warnings sent out to owners that pets should not be purchased online to avoid any possible problems. According to welfare organizations, profit is the only motive for such breeders and they do not hold the pet's well-being as a priority.

Welfare organisations claim such breeders are only interested in profits, not the animals' health or well-being.

Due to this attitude, several pets die due to health complications at a young age and many others require a long-term treatment. These pets also have chances of being violent and hostile in their conduct.

Experts have stated that to avoid any unwanted incident, owners should prefer a registered breeder for buying a pet  and should always make a trip to the premises for seeing the puppy with its mother and inspect health certificates.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said, "More and more people are buying puppies from sources, such as the internet, which are often used by puppy breeders and this can lead to various problems."