Dementia can be avoided with statins

Dementia can be avoided with statinsA study was carried out on about 58,000 people and it was seen that chance of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease decline by two-thirds with high potency statins that are given for avoiding heart attacks and strokes.

About one million patients had their sample tested by researchers and all these people had no history of dementia and tracked them for nearly five years.

The Taiwanese study claimed that people who were given high-dose statins experienced a reduced chance of developing dementia and that too by two-thirds. This was claimed when they were compared with those who were not on the drugs.

In the UK, cholesterol-lowering drugs are given to millions of patients, which can cost less than ten pence a day to the NHS.

About 58,000 patients who were analysed in the study were all aged and did not have any history of dementia.

During the treatment, about 5516 new cases if dementia had surfaced and the follow-up done was of 4.5 years.

Dr Tin-Tse Lin, who presented the findings at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Amsterdam said, “Previous studies had considered statin therapy to exert a beneficial effect on dementia.”