Two NHS bodies at loggerheads

Two NHS bodies at loggerheadsIt has been stated that rather than improving the care quality, two bodies that look after the National Hearth Service are at loggerheads over something.

Chris Hopson, chief executive of the Foundation Trust Network which represents a wide range of NHS Trusts, said, "The Department of Health and NHS England had to 'get their act together' and stop behaving like feuding parents. It sparked claims that since the Coalition's NHS shake-up, no-one knows who is responsible for what."

NHS England was set up by the government that was headed by Sir David Nicholson following a controversial act called the Health and Social Care Act in order to let it be free from ministers' control.

The total budget of NHS England is around £96 billion and it is given by the health service's budget and is has to put in place commissioning priorities for the new local bodies, Clinical Commissioning Groups, which now organise health services.

According to Mr Hopson, the two bodies are still at loggerheads, even after five months since the new system was set up.