Dementia patients feel they are trapped in their homes

Dementia patients feel they are trapped in their homesA research from the Alzheimer's Society has stated that over 180,000 dementia sufferers in the UK feel that they are being trapped inside their abodes.

It further added that dementia sufferers are able to go out of their homes only once every week and out of 10 sufferers manage to step out only once in a month.

According to the charity's report that was based on a survey carried out on about 510 people who were dementia sufferers stated that there are several everyday activities that these people are unable to be a part of.

Out of 10 people, one said that they were not able to do what they used to do earlier and about 28 per cent people stated that they completely left going out of their homes.

In order to help dementia patients, the Alzheimer's Society urged everyone across the world to help dementia patients more than before.

It was stated by a charity representative that enhancing stigma around the condition, having approachable transport and organizations that are conscious and responsive, are all variables that could enhance personal satisfaction for sufferers.

Alzheimer's Society CEO Jeremy Hughes said, "It's stunning and disheartening that such a variety of individuals with dementia feel trapped and cut off from regular nearby life."