After 10 years, woman had triplets after having McDonald’s meal

After 10 years, woman had triplets after having McDonald’s mealA McDonald's meal helped a vegetarian woman deliver triplets after having failed to have kids for a decade almost.

The lady has been identified as Laura Dixon, 34, and it was during her third round of IVF that she managed to conceive but had a severely high risk of having a miscarriage and made attempts to raise her levels of protein intake.

She had a craving for meat and this led her to consume a daily Big Breakfast and sausage McMuffin from the fast-food chain, plus burgers, shakes and buns.

Laura and Tim, of Chelmsford, Essex, have three children now and they have named them as Mia, Mason and Max.

She said" "I think it could be one of the reasons I managed to carry all three to full term."

The British woman credits in vitro fertilization (IVF) -- aided by daily breakfasts of sausage McMuffins. She is thankful to McDonald's for helping her realize her dream.

Dixon and husband Tim tried had a trying time as they tried to have children and their IVF attempts did not yield much until the third attempt. The first attempt was abandoned and the second try ending in a heartbreaking miscarriage after eight weeks.

Laura was in her third round of IVF when she conceived and decided to boost her odds of carrying to full term by increasing her protein intake with regular servings of meat.