NHS has been 'put up for sale': Labour

NHS has been 'put up for sale': Labour Labour has claimed that the Coalition government has almost put up the NHS for sale. This has been stated as a district general hospital has been approved by the Department of Health for being sold off.

Board papers published by the NHS Development Authority (NDTA) show that the George Eliot Hospital in Warwickshire will either be taken by a non-NHS organization or by some other NHS trust.

This has been done before too as the Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust was taken over by Circle Health in February last year.

The Health Service Journal reported that the Department of Health had been ready to see the trust start a procedure that could prompt franchising, yet was anticipating support from the Treasury, which has now been allowed.

Andy Burnham, Labour's shadow health secretary said plan directed towards privatisation determined from the top.

He said, "Everywhere you look, chunks of the NHS are being broken up and handed to the private sector. With this announcement, it is now proceeding at a pace and scale never seen before."