Richard III might have been troubled by a medical condition

Richard III might have been troubled by a medical conditionResearch has stated that Richard III not only had a hunchback but there was an infection that he had suffered from.

Archaeologists at the University of Leicester discovered his skeleton and a sample of soil was taken from his pelvis by scientists who found roundworm eggs in it.

Since his body has been traced, extra efforts are being made by scientists who are undertaking careful analysis of the remains. He was a controversial king and attempts are being made to throw light upon the king.

A strong microscope was put to use by a team of researchers led by Dr Piers Mitchell, of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, in order to examine the samples of the soil taken from the remains.

The magnifying lens uncovered various roundworm eggs in the dirt examine taken from the pelvis, where the insides might have been arranged in life.

On the other hand, there was no indication of eggs in soil from the skull and not many eggs in the dirt that encompassed the grave, proposing that the eggs discovered in the pelvis territory came about because of a real roundworm spoiling throughout his existence, as opposed to from outside sullying by the later dumping of human waste in the region.