5 Common Healthcare- Associated Infections Unveiled

5 Common Healthcare- Associated Infections UnveiledA group of researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have come up with five most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) taking place in the US.

These are the infections that cost whooping nearly $10 billion a year. Lead researcher Eyal Zimlichman said that the most common are blood-stream infections that cost $45,814 each.

Remaining diseases are ventilator-associated pneumonia, surgical site infections, Clostridium difficile infections and catheter-related urinary tract infections. The ventilator-associated pneumonia costs per case $40,144, surgical site infections costs per case $20,785 and Clostridium difficile infections costs per case $11,285.

The last one is catheter-associated urinary tract infections that cost 896 per case. When the costs were added together then its total came out to be $9.8 billion per year.

Mitchell Katz from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services said that there is no doubt about the fact that preventing infections to save lives is the main reason. But cost involved in performing the task is equally important.

"The editors believe that the extraordinary costs of these infections -- an estimated $10 billion a year in the U. S. -- will motivate healthcare administrators to invest in the necessary systems", said Katz. This move will surely avoid infections.