Entrepreneur Dyson Announces 19% Rise in Annual Profits

DysonEntrepreneur Sir James Dyson has witnessed a 19% rise in annual profits that amounts to £364m. He shared certain thoughts as per which, he is increasing his company's spending on research and development

The rise of 25% will be seen by this year itself. He has also announced of plans of recruiting 650 highly trained engineers and scientists. He will be recruiting 250 of them from Britain.

He has suggested that the government should also increase the employment opportunities in engineering. Dyson agree with the fact that the British government has done everything, but one place, where they lack is getting good engineers.

He said such a thing as he cited that 88% postgraduate students in Britain are not from EU. They will take back their skills to their countries. The nation needs to have their engineers.

"We hear a lot about Silicon Roundabout, but companies such as Facebook employ 4,000 people whereas Caterpillar [the tractor and digger manufacturer] has 150,000", said Dyson.

Skilled staff is the need of his company. He shared that major gains have been derived from new invented technologies. One factor that was stopping the growth and success of the company was shortage of skilled staff.