Not all patients enjoy hospital food

hospital-foodDespite the meals being termed as excellent by hospital staff, only 50 per cent of the patients actually feel so at Mid Yorkshire hospitals.

Research also shows that in 2012, about £11.05 a day was spent by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust on each patient's food. Before reaching the patients, five per cent of the meals were wasted.

The figures were released by the Campaign for Better Hospital Food (CBHF), and it was claimed that the dissatisfaction of patients was hidden by hospitals.

Yvette Cooper, MP for Pontefract and Castleford, said, "When individuals are sick, they require great quality nourishment. Mid Yorkshire Trust need to examine the dinners' programme in the light of this report and verify its dependent upon scratch."

Iain Brodie, the trust's head of offices, said the trust was striving to make strides.

It was also added that rather than making claims that the hospital meals were excellent, the staff should make attempts to actually make the meals excellent so that more and more patients find the meals tasteful and fulfilling.

Officials from the trust said that changes were on the cards and plans were being implemented to make meals tastier and healthy for the patients.