Being too clean could increase your Alzheimer’s risk

AlzheimerA new study has revealed that risk of developing Alzheimer's could increase by being too clean. Well, the theory behind this is that avoiding exposure to germs, viruses and parasites could have adverse effects on the immune system, making it weak. This increases the danger of the disease.

It has been suggested by the study that people in developed countries are at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, as they are in contact with bacteria at a greatly reduced level. This does not allow the immune to develop, and thereby increases risk of dementia.

The research established a relationship between a nation`s wealth and hygiene and the Alzheimer's "burden" on its population.

Researchers said their findings suggested significant links between national sanitation levels and Alzheimer`s. They added that countries like France an UK have nine percent higher Alzheimer`s rates because all people there have access to clean drinking water. This is the reason that the chances are higher in developed countries than those where less than half have access to clean water. Kenya and Cambodia are two best examples of that.

Switzerland and Iceland are two countries that have 12% higher rates of Alzheimer's because of much lower rates of infectious disease.