Female genital mutilation lands dentist in trouble

Female genital mutilation lands dentist in trouble Due to illegal female genital mutilation of females carried out on two girls, a dentist has been struck off.

Somali-born Omar Addow has been struck off by the General Dental Council and this has happened for the first time in about a decade for carrying out an illegal illegal procedure.

The dentist is 56-years-old and has been stated as quoting that the procedure will be conducted by him and the crime can lead to a 14-year prison sentence. This had happened in a Birmingham dental practice last year.

The surgery was offered to an undercover journalist by Addow last month only and he has said that, "I will do it for you. Between you, me and Allah only."

It was ruled by the hearing that Addow performed an inward examination of the lady in his dental practice, before demonstrating to her restorative instruments used to perform female circumcision.

Previous model and female rights campaigner Waris Dirie has blamed powers for not doing what's necessary to stop female genital mutilation

It was accounted for the lady inquired as to whether he might do genital mutilation on her two nieces, matured 10 and 13 and he had said `yes'.