Graphic Anti-smoking Ads Immensely Helpful

Graphic Anti-smoking Ads Immensely HelpfulWith the help of graphic anti-smoking ads, approx 100,000 smokers have been able to kick their habit for good, says the new report issued by CDC.

According to the calculations made by the officials, the 2012 ad campaign has forced more than 100,000 Americans to quit their smoking habit.

The advertisement featured a few people who have lost their voice boxes due to smoking and many others who are suffering from severe medical issues due to the same. Officials have credited the anti-smoking campaign for making a big contribution recently towards helping smokers quit the addiction.

The campaign is being funded by the Centers for Disease Control and the ad aired on television from March to June last year.

CDC has confirmed that apart from the above 100,000 people, another 1.6million people have also been affected from the powerful ads that simply showcased the hazardous effects of smoking. The ads called ‘Tips from former smokers’ are a part of the first government-funded nationwide anti-smoking campaign.

They have smartly bought for the people the experiences of the smoking sufferers and how the habit ruined their life and health. Those people pleading to the general public to quit smoking before meeting their fate touched the hearts of many.