Woman Disappointed after Facing Denial for Breast-Op

Woman Disappointed after Facing Denial for Breast-OWhile a 44-year-old woman from Lancing, West Sussex, asked doctors to reduce her boobs’ size, she told them that it was not for cosmetic reasons. Rather, the 44M boobs were wrecking her life.

The report found that the woman was 22st at the time and was heavy enough for an op. Her 47-year-old husband named Paul supported her for the time being and she could lose some 14 dress sizes in a period of two years.

But, doctors again refused her for an op. As per the findings, the woman’s case was declared by them as not extreme enough.

To her chagrin, the woman affirmed that she could earlier at least walk better. Since, with her bigger size, she was balanced out by the fat. Now, not only she had to suffer years of severe back pain, but realize a reduction in mobility as well.

She lost eight stone only in order to meet the criteria of an NHS breast reduction. But, after being denied by the doctors for the operation, she affirmed that she was better fat than being refused even after losing weight.

Nonetheless, a spokesperson for NHS West Sussex said, “A specialist panel run by the former primary care trust found no clinical evidence that her case was exceptional”.