Woman Bitten by Python in Swansea

Woman Bitten by Python in SwanseaSue Cull, 47 years old woman, was bitten by a 10ft long python on her both legs. She was walking on long grass in Dyfatty near Swansea city centre.

Cops assured they were reported of a pet python found missing from its place in Swansea.

Ms Cull shared her experience that her right leg turned black, her body temperature went down, her face started swelling up and her blood was flowing continuously out of her shoes. She was having no idea that she had been bitten by a snake in dark.

She said it is so strange when you are walking alone in long grass and is hard to believe of getting attacked by python and that too in Swansea.

She added: "If we had been told by police there was a snake on the loose I wouldn't have walked through the grass on this lovely summer's night".

After consulting the Medical Reptile Unit in London she was confirmed by the doctors at Swansea's Morriston Hospital that python had bitten her legs.

Pythons are usually found in areas of tropical Asia and Africa. They are non-poisonous, but they kill their pray by squeezing it and putting immense pressure on parts of body.