Low chloride level associated with death

Low chloride level associated with deathScientists have stated that overlooking chloride present in salt can prove dangerous for the body. A major risk factor for high blood pressure is sodium and excess salt has been termed unhealthy but chloride cannot be taken lightly.

A study by researchers at the University of Glasgow has stated that people who suffer from hypertension are likely to die if they lack chloride in their blood. Until now, scientists have not paid heed to chloride at all.

A high risk of cardiovascular disease and death were related to low levels of chloride in blood and this was concluded after data from almost 13,000 patients with high blood pressure, followed up over 35 years, was analysed by researcher.

The gathering with the least level of chloride in their blood had a 20 per cent higher death rate contrasted with the different subjects.

Dr Sandosh Padmanabhan of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, said in an articulation, "Sodium is given a part as the heel for the focal part it plays in expanding the danger of high circulatory strain, with chloride minimal more than a noiseless thing added out of sight."