Flat Soles Better for Kids Feet

Flat Soles Better for Kids FeetAs per a new research by scientists, it has been revealed that old-fashioned plimsoll shoes are better for kids, as compared to modern cushioned shoes.

Modern cushioned trainers are not comfortable for the youth, as they are made up of thick heels. People can never learn to run on their front foot by wearing modern cushioned trainers, said experts.

Childhood age is the only age where the kids can learn their first principle of life. Parents are advised to provide their children basic foot-ware that are simple and made up of flat sole. Human foot is structured to run by landing on its mid-foot, so children must wear only those shoes which are made up of flat plimsoll.

Mick Wilkinson, a sport and exercise scientist at Northumbria University in Newcastle, said a person can never learn to run naturally, once he has become used to run in high heel cushioned trainers.

Dr. Wilkinson said: "If I was to advise someone on what to give their child I would say don't go and buy them expensive Adidas or Nike big-cushioned jobs, just get them a pair of flexible, flat shoes".

He added cushioned trainers are just fashionable items. These foot wears are not the best ones for those who want to build up their carrier in sports and running.