NHS death rate surpasses that of the US due to neglect reveals study

NHSThe findings of a study have revealed unbelievable facts that NHS hospitals have much higher death rates as compared to any other in the entire west.

Study results show that patients seeking care and treatment are 50 percent more at risk to lose their lives in comparison to those in the US due to neglect in the care provided.

The highest risk causing disease is pneumonia which increases their chances of succumbing to death by 5 times along with blodd poisoning which makes patients twice as likely to die.

The study team stated that several measures have been taken by the government to improve the facilities at the NHS but that did not bring down the death rate figures which top the list in the whole of Europe.

Professor Brian Jarman confirmed during his interview for a channel that Britain had 45 percent more deaths in NHS hospitals when compared to those in the US which is way too high.

He said that he was expecting the UK hospitals to do better and was very surprised that they didn't do well - but there was no means of denying the results as they were absolutely clear.