Rail Passengers Facing ‘Unnecessary Delay’

Rail Passengers Facing ‘Unnecessary Delay’A critical report released by the Office of Rail Regulation has said that Network Rail is not performing its duties well and causing problems for the passengers. It is stated in the report that there is a huge maintenance backlog, which the infrastructure company has to do.

The improper jobs by Network Rail include sluggish maintenance procedure in order to be ready for the bad weather. During heavy rainy weather problems like drainage create many problems in the regular train timings. On top of this, passengers have to face the high train fares this year.

Responding to this report, infrastructure company, Network Rail has said that it was doing its job properly, which is pretty much visible by the best ever train performance. However, the company did accept that there is always a scope for improvement and it would do its best to be even better.

A meeting between Rail Minister Norman Baker and the Head of Network Rail is scheduled to happen this week. Network Rail is responsible for track and signals infrastructure of Railways.

ORR Chief Executive Richard Price has also emphasized upon the much needed attention towards the maintenance of track before the rains. "The company is facing many problems of its own making having failed to deliver plans to renew Britain's rail network, with delayed works now affecting performance," said Price.

He added that there is lot of public money invested, thus Network Rail must invest it properly to fulfill the promises it has made.