Stretching Increases Risk of Injury

Stretching Increases Risk of InjuryFitness coaches always ask to stretch before commencing and finishing the exercise session. A research was recently conducted to see if stretching is really vital before and after working out.

The study came up with findings that found static stretching harmful.  This kind of stretching holds onto a muscle in an elongated, fixed position, said wellness director at the Francis Family YMCA in Temperance, Michigan.

This is opposite to what used to be suggested in gyms of 70s, 80s and 90s, where everybody was used to stretch before and after a workout.

The findings of the American College of Sports Medicine and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning have led the issue to be discussed in the scientific community for several years.

"Though there is certainly evidence that supports these benefits, some show that static stretching prior to exercise may actually impair performance by reducing muscle force production", said Schick.

American College of Sports Medicine's current guidelines suggest to remove the static stretching from a warm-up routine.

Schick is of the view that stretching increases the risk of injury.  It has been proved by researches on athletes that they do not perform quite as well when stretched first because of the lengthened state of the muscle, Schick said.