E-Coli Found in Vienna Holy Water, Not Safe to Drink: Study

Vienna-Holy-WaterAfter finding fecal matter in holy water of 21 springs and 19 baptismal fonts in Vienna, Austria, a study at Vienna's Institute of Hygiene and Applied Immunology was conducted. According to this study, there are less chances of getting infected by e-coli in this water, without ingesting it.

Although, there are possibilities of getting fever, stomach pain and other ailments in case of e-coli bacteria ingestion from fecal matter, yet there are very rare chances that it could lead to any illness through the contact with holy water without drinking it.

The study has revealed that holy water samples collected from Vienna contained about 62 million e-coli bacteria per mm of water.

A recent report on ABC news suggested that holy water should not be ingested and should also not be touched with lips. Though, the tradition of drinking holy water is not prevalent in the U. S.

In the U. S., the Catholic Churches have the tradition of dipping the fingers into the baptismal font and people then make the cross sign on their shoulders, hearts and foreheads, thus not touching the lips at all.

This study was carried out on holy water in Vienna, therefore, does not necessarily imply on the Catholic churches in all over the world including the United States of America.