Breast Lumps Cause Cancer is Misconception in UK Women

Breast-LumpsAs per latest reports, it has been revealed that around 50,000 women in UK are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year. Breast cancer is amongst the most common cancer in the UK.

It is a misconception in most of the UK women that they feel finding a lump in the breast is an indication of breast cancer.

Doctors at NHS hospital clear their wrong thought by saying that only 10% of the women having a lump will have cancer.

Simon Marsh, Consultant breast surgeon at Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust, said that breast lumps can be caused by many reasons. Cancer is not the only cause for the breast lumps.

With the increase in science and technology, new techniques are being developed in analyzing that the lump is either dangerous or not.

A fine-needle aspiration was the technology which was used a decade back in diagnosing the breast cancer. In this technique a small needle was inserted into the lump and the cells were taken out, which would be further diagnosed under the microscope, said Mr. Marsh, doctor at the London Breast Clinic.

He added, "Often this would not give a definite answer, so the lump would have to be surgically removed. Now we can take a larger sample using a technique called a core biopsy".