First private IVF egg bank pays donors up to £750 to help women become mothers

First private IVF egg bank pays donors up to £750 to help women become mothersThe first IVF egg bank in the UK was inaugurated today to facilitate women to attain motherhood since they choose to delay having babies and develop complications which lead to infertility.

The egg bank clinic is ready to pay egg donors amounts up to £750 for donating healthy eggs which can be used by women patients who suffer from infertility issues due to which they can't have their own babies.

The aim of setting up this egg bank is to remove the acute shortage of egg donors and give an opportunity to thousands of women who can't realise their dream of having families owing to infertility.

Having its own egg bank in Britain will also help women patients from going for medical help to smaller countries which do not maintain good safety standards in the treatment of IVF.

Despite the advantages of setting up the egg bank critics think that this facility could also lead to exploitation of the vulnerable poor women who will volunteer to become donors to get the money without completely knowing the risks involved.

When a woman chooses to donate eggs she is usually administered drugs which boost egg production before donation. This drug can lead to a disease called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which is a deadly illness causing the ovaries to become unable to deal with the increased number of eggs released.