Airline crew to face jail term over sexy texts

Emirates-AirlineSending sexually explicit text messages cost very dearly to the members of two Emirates airlines cabin crew as they were awarded a jail of three months. The National Newspaper claimed that both persons were convicted of "coercion to commit sin," according to information received from the court dealing with the matter.

Such cases involving sex and public kissing have been making headlines of newspapers for a long time. Earlier, a British pair was shown jail for alleged public kissing which is against the laws in Dubai.

Similarly, yet another British Couple was found engaging in drunken sexual activity out of wedlock but the couple saved its skin after much harassment in 2008. Such incidents have been rising in the city especially at the beaches.

Meanwhile, the court said that an extramarital affair is crime according to law of the land and the judge awarded a sentence of three months to an Indian man and an Indian woman who are members of a cabin crew and have found breaking the conservative law of Dubai.