PAC Flays Government for NHS IT System’s Failings

PAC Flays Government for NHS IT System’s FailingsMps have claimed tax payers are having a tough time because of rise in bills that have mounted to multi-billions, all because of a failed government. A report has been prepared by the influential Public Accounts Committee.

The report has concluded it was a complete failure to upgrade NHS computer systems in England. It has ended up becoming one of the worst and most expensive contracting fiascos in public sector history.

According to the committee, uncertainty is still hovering over the final bill for abandoning the plan. The cost of the NHS scheme's failure has been estimated to be £6.4bn.

Later, the total was revised by the officials to be £9.8bn. However, the PAC said this latest estimate did not include a price for terminating a contact with Fujitsu to provide care records systems and other future costs.

Committee member Richard Bacon said, "The department's latest estimate of £9.8bn leaves out the future costs of Lorenzo or the potential large future costs arising from the department's termination of Fujitsu's contract for care records systems in the south of England".

The report criticized ministers for not learning and applying lessons from the fallout. According to the report, the failure of the government has been vindicated from delays and problems with changes to benefit payments, which is another huge government IT project.