Affluence Decides Access to Internet by English Gray Panthers

pensionersAge UK has discovered that the count of over 65s - better known as silver surfers - using the internet has been facing a notable north-south divide.

Poorer people have been found to have bare minimum access to web as compared to people living in urban areas. While old-age pensioners in the metropolitan county, Tyne and Wear, had lesser access to internet services, those in Surrey had more than two-fold chances of using the same.

A study had earlier been conducted by the Understanding Society, which included some 40,000 UK households. Data from the same was analyzed to conclude the aforementioned. Responses collected every year in England from over 5,000 people of age 65 years and above were examined.

The charity said that only four English counties could see 50% or more of over-65s easily accessing the web. These counties included Buckinghamshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire and of course, Surrey.

The highest proportion i. e. 63% was reported by Surrey. On the other hand, the least i. e. 28% was reported by Tyne and Wear in terms of internet access.

"It is concerning that in some parts of the country, more than twice as many older people are able to access the benefits of being online than in other areas", stated Age UK's David Mortimer.