Warning issued against travel due to yellow fever vaccine crisis

Warning issued against travel due to yellow fever vaccine crisisIn an announcement made by the health officials the yellow fever vaccination lending prevention to people from the fatal fever is facing acute shortage in the Isle of Man making it difficult for travellers to go ahead with travelling plans.

The vaccine crisis has made officials send a warning to island residents who had travel plans to the African continent and even South American nations to think again about their travel.

The fever is spread by many mosquito species and leads to almost 30,000 lives to be lost annually. The vaccine is facing acute shortage since the start of July this year globally.

A Spokesman of the Department of Health informed that this crisis could carry on till the start of the next year.

Yellow fever is a fatal viral disease and causes deaths 50 percent of its patients. Once struck by the deadly viral fever the patient can get high fever accompanies by low blood pressure, jaundice and eventually suffers kidney failure.

In African and South American regions this fever claims the lives of 30,000 people annually with as many as 200,000 cases as per the WHO.