Pay attention to sight for National Eye Health Week

Pay attention to sight for National Eye Health WeekDespite the fear of losing one's sight being the gravest many of us are unaware of the way eyes need to be taken care of as per reports from the National Eye Health Week.

There are ways and tips mentioned in a booklet, `Top Tips for Good Eye Health' being issued to educate people to keep a good healthy eye care routine.

One of the first and foremost suggestions in the booklet says that people need to get their eyes checked at a very regular interval which can be every two years for those who think they don't have eyesight issues.

These check-ups are important to rule out eye problems which do not have noticeable symptoms.

Another important way to ensure a healthy eye sight is to get regular check-ups if you have a family history since eye sight can get affected if family members suffer from the same problems.

The terrible habit of smoking harms the eye sight as badly as it harms the lungs and can lead to total loos of sight if not checked. People who smoke have a four times higher risk of developing macular degeneration which causes blindness.