New Day Care Unit Supports A&E Services

Pinderfields-Hospital-in-WakefieldAs per latest reports, hospitals head claimed a new-day care units must open in the hospitals, so that senior doctors and nurses check emergency patients.

Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield recently opens a new-day care unit. Their aim is to handle patients, who do not need admission, but quick diagnosis and faster treatment.

By doing so, this will reduce extra pressure from the A&E department, so that more attention must be given to serious patients.

Non-serious patients will be given rapid care in the new day care unit. These patients will be referred to the day-care unit from the A&E department or directly by their GP.

Richard Shepherd, head of clinical service for the unit, said: "This system for seeing patients with urgent problems but without the need for a hospital bed or overnight stay is already used very successfully and safely across the country".

He said that it is the best step taken by the hospital bosses in providing the hospital beds only to those patients who really need it.

Richard added it is the good means of making patients believe that they get the right care, in the right place and in proper time.