No Steps to Take Fluoride Out of City Water Supply

Waikato-District-Health-BoardWaikato District Health Board has been subjected to personal attacks as a debate on whether to put fluoride back in the Hamilton's water supply.

Members of the Hamilton City Council voted last week and fluoride is expected to be removed from the city water supply by the end of this month.

The Hamilton City Council says as a result of above, no one amongst the staff will attend the public meeting organized on the issue by the end of this month.

There have been unverified claims of death threats because of an increase of fluoride content in the water supply.

As per the outcry by the dentists and the other health professionals, the council decided to remove the fluoride content from the water supply.

A referendum of contending the fluoride back to public water supply would be held in public local elections.

Dr. Dumble, DHB medical officer of health Felicity, said the way the council initially decided to address the issue of fluoridation; by consulting the public through tribunal not referendum distorted the balance of opinion on the matter.

John Twaddle, president of Dental Association Waikato-Bay of Plenty Branch, claims: "I think when it gets to that level of angst being created in the community they feel ... just for the safety of the people involved that they shouldn't be subjecting them to that sort of pressure".