Dementia Rates Could Triple in New Zealand

As per latest reports, it has been revealed that the rate of dementia affected people in New Zealand could increase three times in the year 2050.

Catherine Hall, the organization's executive director, said that this increase in people suffering from dementia would rise from 50,000 to 150,000.

DementiaAmong the total number of dependent people worldwide, half of the people would be suffering with dementia. This number would increase from 101 million to 277 million in the upcoming 37 years, according to the new statistical figures revealed by the fifth World Alzheimer's Report.

Dementia is a mental disorder which is most common among the people of New Zealand.

Ms Hall after seeing the new report stated that there is an urgent need to improve the quality of care for New Zealanders.

She added we all must collaborate together in monitoring the quality of care being offered to the dementia affected patients.

Ms Catherine Hall said: "We as a country need to lift our game ... [to] relieve the considerable pressure dementia will continue to put on spouses, partners, family, friends and whanau".

A meeting has been organized by the Alzheimer's New Zealand in order to raise the funds that would help the people suffering from dementia.