Blood Test – Easy and Effective Way to Identify Type of Illness

Blood Test – Easy and Effective Way to Identify Type of IllnessA group of researchers at Duke University has recently claimed that a blood test could easily identify if a respiratory illness has been resulted from bacteria or virus.

The answer is also likely to be 90% accurate. The test produces the results in just 12 hours. In comparison, the methods used at present consume several days to find if it is a bacterial infection or something else that caused a person to fall sick. Also, the results are mostly imprecise.

According to the team's say, antibiotics show their effect on bacterial infections only. When it comes to viral infections, these antibiotics turn ineffective.

But, doctors often show failure while determining the type of illness. The reason being similar symptoms are shown by the two kinds of infections.

Patients could be given wrong antibiotics, which could further cause a viral infection, instead of curing them. Albert Einstein College of Medicine's professor of medicine and pathology, Dr. Louis Weiss, said that the same applied a selective force on the environment and the bacteria carried by one and all.

"Current tests require knowledge of the pathogen to confirm infection, because they are strain-specific. But our test could be used right away when a new, unknown pathogen emerges", said School of Medicine's director of Genomic Medicine, Dr. Geoffrey S. Ginsburg.