50% of Five-year-Olds Suffer from Tooth Problems

50% of Five-year-Olds Suffer from Tooth ProblemsAccording to a report, one of the worst places in the country for tooth decay among five-year-olds is Hull.

A survey by the Public Health England found that 43.4% children have tooth decay in Hull as compared to only 22.7% in the East Riding.

The survey also discovered that about 39.2% children in Hull suffer from untreated tooth decay as compared to only 20% in the east riding.

The reports from Yorkshire and the Humber region claim that 29.3% children are not treated for their tooth decay in the region.

However, it has been found that the number of children with sepsis, which is an infectious dental disease, have reduced from 2.9% to 2.4% since the year 2008.

Dr. Jenny Godson, Public Health England's regional consultant in dental public health, said, "This latest survey shows the numbers of five year olds free from tooth decay have increased, but there is still much to do, dental decay is preventable."

He said across the north, there has been a reduction in the proportion of children affected by dental decay and the severity of the disease, which is very encouraging, but we need to continue to monitor trends and support this welcome progress.