New Memory-Erasing Gene Can Treat Trauma: Research

New Memory-Erasing Gene Can Treat Trauma: ResearchAccording to a research, neurologists believe that they have discovered a gene which could help erase haunted memories from anybody's mind.

A group of US researchers claim that they are able to erase painful memories with the help of a gene found by them. According to them, this gene performs the function of memory extinction from the brains of the people.

The process of erasing painful memories occurs when new memories overwrite the old ones. This process is being treated as a key to being able to delete awful memories.

This research could lead to the successful treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder by the use of its medical advances. It could also treat the sufferers tormented by earlier experiences.

This research echoes the Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as the movie is almost identical to the research.

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who conducted the study say that if a way can be found to amplify the activity of the gene, known as Tet1, it could change lives.

The researchers compared, the learning behavior of mice with the Tet1, to mice who had their version of the gene inhibited, as part of their study.

The scientists by their study found that the mice with Tet1 gene did not fear the cage where they were given shock, unlike the normal mice which seemed scared in the cage

Thus, according to the experiment of the scientists, it was hence proved that the painful memories could be erased.