Sending sex text cost dearly to Indians

Dubai-CourtsAn Indian flight attendant and her cabin services supervisor were reportedly found sending sexually explicit text messages that landed them to Jail in Dubai. The court, convicting the pair for 'coercion to commit sin' has awarded a sentence for six months which was later reduced to two months after their appeal with the higher court.

Such cases of indecency have been rising amid foreigners visiting the city. Earlier, a case of British couple kissing made the newspaper headlines due to their public exposure of love. The conservative society of the Middle-East, though, heading for a cultural change but it has to wait for a long time to bring tolerance and become a true modern society.

Dubai has been reeling under huge pressure of outsiders which is a challenge for the locals both in terms of employment options and social security.

The issue of the social and religious identity of the conservative society has become a core issue as Emiratis outnumbered by the foreigners in recent years. Voices of dissent have started to emerge in the society and demand of social security for locals has been continuously picking up.