Mounting Work Schedules Affecting Kiwi Families

Mounting Work Schedules Affecting Kiwi FamiliesAccording to latest news, hectic schedules of mounting work are stressing the quality family time of the Kiwis.

As per a new study, mounting work schedules are destructing the family time of people in New Zealand. The people had to work in the weekends; they cannot even spend their time having dinner with their children. If they do so, they straight away had to go back to their work.

A survey was done, according to which, about 60% of parents said their work commitments had really put an adverse affect on their families. About 37% said they were just making a time pass with their work and 22% said it is a challenging task to work according to the mounting schedules.

Hyundai commissioned an online survey to check the attitude of the Kiwis' towards their family. It resulted that they were undergoing with an immense pressure and their work had led to significant impact on family life.

The main issue behind the scene was that the parents were missing their children's sports and cultural events.

John Cowan, writer and presenter from The Parenting Place, said: "Make the most of the time that you do have to do things like use technology to text kids or to chat with them online".