Venice is sinking at Rate of 1mm Every Year: Satellite Data

Venice is sinking at Rate of 1mm Every Year: Satellite DataWith the help of modern satellites, scientists are able to monitor how quickly Venice is sinking.  The findings are worrisome as they have showed that the `floating city' of romance is naturally subsiding at a rate of about 0.8 to 1 millimetre per year.

Scientists have revealed that human activities have contributed to sinking of the city about 0.8 to 1 millimetre per year.

According to researchers, sinking is likely to increase the chances of floods in Venice.  Flooding is known to occur about four times a year in the city every year as a result of high tides.

The satellite data has helped the researchers to find that the city is sinking as a result of compaction of the sediments on which the city is built and to man-made ones.  Building restoration is a good example of man-made ones.

"Venice is in a situation so critical with respect to the sea that continuous monitoring of the city's movement is of paramount importance", said researcher Pietro Teatini from the University of Padua in Italy.

It is very important to understand how the land is sinking as it leads to rise in seal levels.  The problem was first recognized by scientists decades ago when they came across pumping of groundwater from beneath Venice that was causing the city to settle into the earth.