Zenith Forecasts of Global Advertising Market Growth Stabilization

Zenith-OptimediaAs per forecasts made by Zenith Optimedia, the growth in the global advertising market this year will be 3.5%, even though there is not any big scale event like the U. S. election and Olympics.

The forecast indicates the stabilization in global ad market and that it is returning back on track after the recession hit period. The company had forecasted the same amount of growth in expenditure trend on advertising in June also.

Stronger growth in advertising market is expected for next two years, as well with 5.1% and 5.9% growth in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

The forecast for Eurozone ad market by Zenith Optimedia is a 4.3% dip in the current year, while a 0.7% growth in the coming year. The forecast made for 2015 in Eurozone ad market is 1.9%.

According to Zenith Optimedia Chief Executive Steve King, mobile phone has evolved as a vital advertising tool and has helped a lot in growing the business. It is estimated that the amount to be spend on mobile advertising will rise by overall 37% this year.

"Expectations for this year have finally levelled after a long period of slow erosion by bad economic news", said King.

Zenith Optimedia is a unit of Publicis Groupe.