Health Canada Launches $1.3-billion to Rouse Marijuana free Market

MarijuanaAccording to new reports, the Conservative government in Canada is planning to provide quality weed to about 450,000 Canadians. In order to fulfill their plan, the government is launching an amount of $1.3-billion free market in the medical marijuana.

The older system that mostly includes small-scale business, producing medical marijuana of different quality and mostly black marketing are all being stopped by the officials of the Health Canada.

According to the new plans by the Conservative government, standardized weeds will be produced by the large farms, which are authorized by the RCMP and health inspectors. The sale of this medical marijuana will also be done in a very secure manner.

Sophie Galarneau, a senior official of the department, said: "We're fairly confident that we'll have a healthy commercial industry in time. It's a whole other ball game".

The campaign organized by the Justin Trudeau, Conservatives pillory Liberal Leader, led to the development of the large scale legalized production of the medical marijuana. This had also led to the strong economic growth in the industry.

The officials of the Health Canada are also planning to increase the number of security systems, so that there should be no limit in these new capital intensive facilities.