Eight Rare Kiwi Chicks Die of Respiratory Infection at Wellington Zoo

Eight Rare Kiwi Chicks Die of Respiratory Infection at Wellington ZooAccording to new reports, eight kiwi chicks have died at the Wellington Zoo because of the infection in the respiratory tract.

The young small Rowi are the rarest species of the Kiwi. They died because of the fungus, which grow on the bark of the tree.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) said that the infected birds, which were already being diagnosed with the worms, were also removed from the bark as soon as the doctors came to know about the problem.

Jo Macpherson, DOC biodiversity manager in Franz Josef, said that the fungus Aspergillus spp. is responsible for the cause of the respiratory tract infection.

She said that the birds got affected because of their weak immunity from the nematodes (worms).

"Aspergillosis is a very susceptible disease, which causes severe damage to the lungs and air sacs in birds. It is also incredibly difficult to treat because of low success rate", said Jo Macpherson.

BNZ Operation Nest Egg program is a program which is being organized by the charity Kiwis for Kiwi along with the DOC to increase the number of the Rowi's in the zoo.

Jo Macpherson said all the birds with the eggs were removed from the house in order to save the life of the birds when they grow.