Kiwi Families Suffer from Mounting Work Schedules

Kiwi Families Suffer from Mounting Work SchedulesAccording to new reports, schedules of the mounting work are destroying the families of Kiwis. Most of the people in New Zealand feel stressed of the working schedule set by their government.

According to the survey, about 60% of the parents said their work commitments put a real impact on their family life. About 37% of the people said they are just doing a time pass with their work and 22% said that their work is such a challenging task to do.

Hyundai commissioned an online survey and declared that the kiwis feel an immense pressure on them by their work and said that their work had a significant impact on family time.

Most of the people said that the mounting work schedules are straining their quality family time; they cannot even sit with their children to have dinner with them. They said they had to work in the weekends also, which is a very hectic schedule for them to survive.

The major issue behind the scene was that the parents were missing their children's sports and cultural events.

John Cowan, writer and presenter from The Parenting Place, said: "Make the most of the time that you do have to do things like use technology to text kids or to chat with them online".