Qatargas optimistic to become world’s largest exporter of natural gas

The delegates at a gas conference in Abu Dhabi were recently informed by the CEO of Qatargas that the company was in a good position to become the world's largest exporter of natural gas.

Faisal Al Suwaidi, who confirmed that he was unfazed by the current supply glut, while addressing the delegates at the Gastech 2009 conference, also presented a bullish speech. Mr. Suwaidi highlighted Qatar's huge investment in building a multi-billion dollar infrastructure in order to support the export of its huge reserves of natural gas.

It was however confessed by Al Suwaidi that in 2009, the demand had decreased compared to the previous year due to global meltdown. Still he hopes that the coming decades would witness an enormous growth in the exports.

Al Suwaidi expressed that the company still was hopeful for growth in the demand and that recession will not make Qatar change its tactics.

Quite a lot of confidence was expressed by Al Suwaidi when he was asked about oversupply, as he said that Qatargas had the facilities to handle any situation.

Al Suawaid concluded, "What is special about QatarGas is that we have put measures in place where we can handle surplus capacity quite easily."