“Screenagers” to be Treated at London Capio Nightingale Hospital

“Screenagers” to be Treated at London Capio Nightingale HospitalThe children turned slaves by the advancing technologies, as they are now use-to sticking their eyeballs to the internet, computer games and mobiles will be helped entangle the web by a technology addiction service in Britain. This program has been launched on the basis of the parent’s seeking advices from doctors to improve the behavior of their children are opting because of their overindulgence in technology.

This service has been initiated by Capio Nightingale Hospital, London.

It was reported to Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Richard Graham that if the techno-addict children were asked to leave the computers, they became "chronically agitated and irritable” and got "into a rage". Controlling their behavior therefore sometimes became very difficult to the extent that police had to interfere.

Dr. Graham elaborated about the program. He said that if implemented very carefully and immensely, the program covers 28 days and he also clarified that it does not make them completely out of technology.

He emphasized on quick adoption of the program by the mental health services that the “screenagers” are saved from the serious ailments that these techno-slaves can end up with due to unrestricted “on-screen or in-game” time.