Obama Launches Landmark Healthcare Program

Obama Launches Landmark Healthcare ProgramAccording to latest report, President Barack Obama is launching a landmark healthcare program to provide health benefits to the people.

The administration said that in order to complete his plan Obama is scheduled to meet with the group of people, who set to benefit from the healthcare law's provisions at the Oval Office. His interview with the Joe Biden, Vice President, will be promoted in the radio stations of the 450 colleges in the significant states.

On the first of the online enrollment the Obama focuses on the health insurance plans, which are at the heart of the law. This happened because the congress was unable to pass the spending bills, which were to fund the government operations in the fiscal year, which will start today.

This further led to the stop of all the essential government operations.

The federal agencies have been ordered by Sylvia Burwell, White House Budget Office Director, to set up an orderly shutdown, if the appropriations were not met.

The top White House figures appeared, when the Affordable Care Act entered a critical phase of the health insurance plan, i. e. during registrations for the same. The figures appeared through on-line exchanges, which allow the people to purchase policies that cater to their needs and do not affect their budget.