Sammy Takes Part in Bupa Great South Run for Diabetes UK

DiabetesAs per a new report, a sales executive is hoping to raise money, which helps to provide support to those people who are suffering from diabetes.

Sammy Wright, 28, has signed an agreement to take part in Bupa Great South Run for Diabetes patients in the UK. This event will be organized on 27th October. She has taken up a challenge because of her mother, Linda, who is suffering from the Type 1 diabetes.

Linda is having a gradual loss in her eye sight, which is the most common complication of the Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that is accompanied with increase in glucose level in body, which becomes difficult for the body to handle. Persistent increase in the level of glucose mainly affects the eye sight of the person.

Sammy said it is a feeling of deep regret for her to see her mother in a total blindness. She said her mother is an inspiration for her. She also added that she has to help her mother in everyday tasks, which includes reading books, explaining her difficult situations etc.

"I am very thankful to Sammy for her spirit to take part in this event. The money she raises will go a long way in helping us to continue to support the 8,000 people diagnosed with diabetes in Portsmouth", said Nicola Musk, Diabetes UK South East fundraising manager.