Exercise Can Derive Pills’ Effect: Study

Exercise Can Derive Pills’ Effect: StudyTo maintain good health, exercise is one of the things in the list to be recommended. Adding value to the activity, a research has been carried out by a group of researchers from the London School of Economics, Stanford University School of Medicine and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute.

The study has come up with a new point and that is exercise is as good as pills when it comes heart disease condition. The study has been published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The unveiling has led researchers to recommend physical activity to be included in the prescriptions. Approximately 340, 000 patients were involved in the study and then the above mentioned conclusion has been taken out.

With this, the study researchers have also identified 305 trials in order to fulfill the aim. These studies have also added to the finding that exercise is beneficial.

Main objective of the study was to evaluate the advantages of exercise and pills to reduce the death chances.  It is important to note that pills should not be stopped when one has started doing exercise. In order to derive better results, both should be done.

"If you have a heart condition or have been told you're at high risk of heart disease, talk to your doctor about the role that exercise can play in your treatment", said study researchers.