Chimpanzee Surprises Keepers by giving Birth to Twins

Chimpanzee Surprises Keepers by giving Birth to TwinsA chimpanzee has surprised her keepers by giving birth to twins despite of being on birth control. It was last week on 25 September when Cherri gave birth to twin females - Thelma and Louise. He contraceptive failed after she suffered a chest infection last winter and was put on antibiotics.

Cherry gave birth to twins at Monkey World in Dorset. Birth control measures are taken on Female Chimpanzees at Monkey World to avoid over-populating the 65-acre primate rescue centre.

Dr. Alison Cronin is the director of Monkey World. Dr. Cronin said that Cherri is in her 20s. They were aware of the fact that Cherry was pregnant, but arrival of twins is something that surprised them as they are not very common.

Dr. Cronin added that Cherri is doing good and is ensures to fulfill the needs of her daughters. "If one is turned around the wrong way, Cherri makes sure that both babies are placed near to her breasts so that both infants have a good opportunity to feed", Dr. Cronin added.

Usually chimpanzees use their hands and feet to walk and climb. However, Cherri is very careful while supporting her twins. Her hands are full even when she climbs up 20 meter climbing frames.